March 1, 2024

Building Business Relationships in Internet Marketing

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Building business relationships may be the key to the success of your venture. Would you buy a dog from a man walking along the street, for example? No, of course you wouldn’t!

A. You have no idea who the man is,

B. You know nothing about the dog, is it vicious, ill or 20 years old?

C. Does the man have the right to sell the dog?

The same thing applies to any business, people will not be willing to do any business with you until you have built a rapport, proven that you are trust worthy and the product or service you are selling is legitimate.

With internet marketing, there are so many people out there that go for the ‘hard sell’. I have seen groups on forums where there is just a long list of affiliate links. This is not the right way to do things, it doesn’t work and it is lazy! Anyone can place an advertisement on a free forum!

To make your business successful, you have to work at it and by building relationships first and delivering what you promise to your customers, and you should be able to create a happy, lasting partnership with your customers.

Always treat your customers with respect, answer all their questions in a positive and helpful manner, the answer may seem obvious to you, but I bet you were asking the same sort of questions when you first started!

Don’t underestimate the power of ‘word of mouth’. If you have provided a good service, people will talk about you. Think of all the review sites on the internet! Remember, bad news travels faster than good, so if you upset a customer, that is going to spread like wild fire and can do your business a great deal of harm!

With internet marketing, it is important to offer more than the next guy, go the extra mile, give plenty of valuable and useful information. The competition is fierce and although there is room for many more marketers, the ones who have spent the time at the beginning, virtual roundtables creating a friendly environment, will win through and reap the rewards.

While building your relationships, if there is something one of your customers asks that you don’t know the answer to, DO NOT TRY TO BLAG IT! Be honest, advise it is something you will have to look into and once you have their answer, let them know.

Keep your customers updated with new offers, information and anything else that maybe of interest to them.

Remember, out of sight, out of mind!

Helen lives near Heathrow, Middlesex and has been trying to find her way through the ‘Internet Marketing’ maze for quite a while.

After many failed attempts and a boat load of wasted cash she finally found a teacher who takes her through, step by step and at a pace she can control.

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